Social Media & Branding

The gallery below contains social media posts, stock photos, & branded images for Pillows for Now, Woodpecker Floors, and Fred Astaire Dance Studios.

When Adam from Pillows For Now approached me, we had been friends for a number of years, so it was natural to work together. He had an idea of his target market, but no cohesive brand collateral; no way to get his message across. I was delighted to give him a complete brand identity package, including fonts, colors, a new logo, and of course, branded social media cover and profile images. These visuals allow Adam to convey his message daily, and point new customers to his Etsy shop, Pillows for Now.

In Adam's words : "Michelle helped me with a complete overhaul package for my Etsy shop and social media business pages consisting of a new shop icon/profile picture and cover photos for Etsy, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram as well as Pinterest. Her attention to detail and knowledge of marketing concepts really helped bring into focus what I was trying to portray to my customers. I would recommend Michelle to anyone who needs this type of service and wants it done well the first time."

When Kameron from Woodpecker Floors first reached out, he just wanted help with marketing on social media. When I asked if he had a logo, and he said no, the need was clear, and I stepped in to meet it. I designed their logo around the ideas of graphic simplicity, and of course, the woodpecker.

In Kameron's words : "I had a few ideas of a design but to be honest I didn't give Michelle much to work with and she was still able to  blow us away with her creativity and originality that she puts into her work.  We couldn't have asked for a better end product. 100% satisfied with the logo she created and so excited to be using it. Anyone looking for any type of design work done she is your gal. Professional, detail oriented and talented dont even begin to describe her. We will totally be using Michelle in the future for all our creative design and logo needs. Huge thanks from Woodpecker Floors. Thank you Michelle :)"

This is my awesome home office. Okay, you caught me, it's not usually this organized!

This is my awesome home office. Okay, you caught me, it's not usually this organized!